Anderson Green Ltd

Constructing Excellence

Anderson Green Ltd is a building services design consultancy providing technical design services to a broad range of clients in the Yorkshire and National regions.  We provide the specialist skills in the following areas:  Electrical, Mechanical, Public Health, BIM, Environmental, and modelling services.

Our core service is taking responsibility for full design packages and delivering our technical solution(s) to the contractor market to design stages 4 or 5.  For many building services consultants this is unchartered territory whom design to stage 3 only.

Our current challenge in the industry is:  Recruitment

Building services engineering is suffering from considerable skills gaps in the industry.  Exacerbated over the last decade by the limited resources that are available being seduced by big salaries and bright lights of London or abroad, away from Yorkshire.

The knowledge pool is already declining though retirement, emigration, etc. Whilst skills are being replaced through training, it’s not to the levels/numbers needed.  Outsourcing particular elements offshore is increasing in the industry but this not the strategy for our business. As technologically advances, the industry needs to keep pace and Anderson Green aim to be at the forefront of this delivery.

The lack of training in the industry severely hampers the ability of our sector to have the skills required now, obviously a huge concern for the future of the industry.