Amy Miller

Constructing Excellence

Amy Miller (29) joined Wates two years ago as a young lady who lacked confidence, but today engages and influences at the highest levels of authority within the company and has the respect of all who work with her.
The results Amy has achieved are remarkable. Amy was tasked with growing Wates’ spend with social enterprises on all Wates projects. The target set by the Group was £77,000, but thanks to Amy’s tenacity and hard work, the final spend was £165,671 – an over performance of more than 100%.
Amy also gives her time to encourage young people, women and BAME groups to get involved in construction, using her passion for the industry to engage and inspire.
Off the back of her social enterprise success, Amy now sits on the junior board of Wates Construction Midlands and North.
Finally, she can turn jobs around in sometimes hostile environments. In her last two projects, Amy was tasked with going in to drive compliance and standards up –she made a difference within weeks because people listen and respond to her, whether they’re apprentices or in senior roles. Amy can lift the standards of a job in quality, health and safety or team moral, and we see her as a great asset to our company.