Amey ‘Putting People First’

Constructing Excellence

Amey recognises that everything we do across our business is achieved by our people. Our future success is determined by the quality, diversity and innovative skills that our people bring to work every day.

Putting People First is one of Ameys core values, showing the significance and importance of each individual in the business.

We provide employees with access to training to enhance their skills and grow talent internally. Employees have access to career progression opportunities that empower them to take control of their personal development, upskilling them to fulfil their career ambitions within the company. All employees are supported throughout their learning journey to enable them to fully immerse in the experience.

Amey brings dynamic talent and new perspectives in to the business through apprenticeship and graduate programmes, creating a workforce that is fit for the future.

Working in collaboration with local authorities, charities and businesses, Amey embraces opportunities to share best practice and learning with others. Employees are encouraged to work closely with local charities and community groups and feel a sense of pride when they see the positive benefits they have within their community.