Albury Place

Constructing Excellence

With Albury Place, the goal was to transform a town centre brownfield site into a development of luxury homes, of a standard of specification previously unseen in Shrewsbury.

The site is located a short walk from Shrewsbury Town centre and the main station. Driven by the Industrial Revolution and proximity to the thriving-at-the-time Flaxmill Maltings factories, the local architecture includes Victorian warehouses, red brick workers’ terraces, canals and railway lines. When acquired, the site housed a neglected, modern warehouse. During the build, they faced various issues including access, drainage and working alongside a railway line.

SY Homes worked with local architects Qu-Est to create a scheme sympathetic to the area. The front aspects of the Townhouses resemble Victorian warehousing. The mews houses are similar in proportion to neighbouring terraces. They combined 19th century heritage with the best modern construction methods and 21st century technology.


Three Winning Facts:
  1. At Albury Place, they have successfully transformed a brownfield site into a high-end development of 30 properties, finished to an exacting standard of craftsmanship, intentionally designed to exceed modern liv-ing standards, and with a level of specification unseen in any other new homes in Shrewsbury.
  2. Their development has received accolades from across the board, including senior figures in the construc-tion industry, their home buyers, and their friends and colleagues in the neighbourhood.
  3. They are proud of our holistic relationship with the local community around Albury Place, based on good communication and ongoing commitment to various sectors. This includes local charity The Shrewsbury Ark whose new facility is a short walk from Albury Place; integration with Shrewsbury’s Big Town Plan and specifically the ‘Northern Corridor’ plans; plus Shrewsbury town planners and Shropshire council members.