Adept’s success through BIM

Constructing Excellence

When Adept was founded in January 2007, the three partners clearly understood the need to have a clearly defined USP in order to establish a firm foothold in an already saturated market. They were acutely aware of the multitude of potential issues 2D analogue workflows perpetuated through living memory.  In 2007, companies in the industry were becoming more aware of the term ‘Building Information Modelling’ (BIM) and rumours of this better, technology based process began to circulate.

Recognising the benefits, the partners of Adept decided to fully embrace BIM and commit to innovative BIM working methods in order to improve processes and service delivery. The associated learning curve however was steep. Although Building Information Modelling was first introduced in 1992[1] it did not become mainstream until much later. Even in 2007, when Adept began to use BIM, very few people within the industry had experience in BIM.

This submission is about Adept’s unique focus on BIM and the enterprise to embrace the unknown despite the risks. Adept first applied for the BRE BIM Level 2 accreditation in 2015 and soon became the very first civil and structural consultancy in the country to receive such an award.  Senior staff attend the annual BIM Show Live and other digital/innovation events.

[1] The term first appeared in an article by Van Nederveen, G.A.; Tolman, F.P. (1992) – “Modelling multiple views on buildings” – Automation in Construction