AB Dynamics

Constructing Excellence

The headline brief was deceptively simple: 3380 sqm of research, development and manufacturing space for an engineering company in Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire.

Delving deeper, it became clear that the building needed to be so much more. Chairman and founder of AB Dynamics (ABD), Tony Best, went on to explain that the McLaren Technology Centre by Foster + Partners was what he had in mind. McLaren describe their building as ‘Glass and Steel. Flowing lines. Flawless engineering.’

ABD design and manufacture test equipment used by the largest 25 vehicle manufacturers worldwide, and it has almost certainly been used during the design of your car! Trusted globally by engineers, this equipment helps build better, safer cars.

Despite being a world-class, cutting edge, technology driven company, ABD had operated out of a far less than ideal 1960s building since 1982. Our brief was to transform their accommodation from this to a purpose built; state of the art global headquarters to enable future growth beyond what has already been a very successful few years. The building had to be fully functional and also communicate ABD’s brand character – progressive, dynamic, highly technologically advanced – to customers, staff and investors.