A45 South Bridge Replacement Project

Constructing Excellence

The A45 Southern Bridge replacement project was vital to improve traffic capacity, reduce congestion, and improve general highway safety. The old bridge had weak parapets, substandard waterproofing and drainage, and was too narrow.

The bridge was used by 30,000 vehicles a day, serving as an important transport link to the many businesses and public amenities. In the area including the NEC, Jaguar Land Rover, and Birmingham Airport. For this reason, effective programming and adherence to timescales was essential. Good communication and regular stakeholder meetings with all parties meant that the project was completed with the council receiving minimal complaints from the travelling public.

The team met all milestone and targets to deliver the completed bridge ahead of schedule. The old bridge was successfully demolished over a 54 hour Christmas rail possession, the culmination of many months of advanced planning and risk mitigation.

Significant benefit has been realised from the completed bridge. Traffic from the M42 to the Airport has a dedicated slip lane, quality of life has improved for the road users and new walking and cycle routes over the bridge have made sustainable travel choices more attractive for local people.