A19 A1058 Coast Road Junction Improvement Scheme

Constructing Excellence

The A19 A1058 Coast Road junction improvement scheme is the upgrade of an existing grade separated junction to create a free flow junction for the A19 north/south route. Historically there has been significant traffic delays at this junction and it has been seen as blocker to further development of the area, particularly the Cobalt and Silverlink estates.

The bespoke design solution requires the construction of a “triple Decker” junction with the new A19 free flow route under the existing roundabout.

This required the construction of three “Top Down” integral bridges and significant cantilever retaining walls constructed using over 570 Number rotary piles with diameters up to 1500mm and 30m in length.

All these works taking place within a small footprint of the existing roundabout and slip roads. To create areas to enable the construction of the new bridges, significant localized “elongations” to the roundabout designed and constructed along with significant temporary alterations to the existing Mova controlled. All these works taking place while maintaining two live lanes from 6am to 8pm and allowing over 80K vehicle movements per day throughout the site.

Other works included the diversion of significant Statuary Bodies apparatus including 225mm diameter Intermediate gas mains, medium pressure gas mains, HV and BT fibre optic cables. Construction of three new slip roads, deep tunneled drainage, 1200mm diameter up to 9m deep. Sheet piled retaining walls and two new bridges for non motorized users (NMU). Development of design, fabrication and installation of bespoke concrete panels to the piled walls.