A-one+ Area 12 Wellbeing, Improvement, Safety, Health and Environment Strategy (WISHES)

Constructing Excellence

The current asset support contract (ASC) with A-one+ in Area 12 started in June 2016. Before that it was a managing agent contract (MAC) also delivered by A-one+. Towards the end of the MAC we reached a significant landmark achievement of over 1,000 days and more than 4 million working hours without a reportable accident, also retaining ZERO AFR.

Following the first year of the ASC we experienced 3 RIDDORS in a 6-month period; all related to slips, trips and falls.   We had good systems and processed in place so why weren’t they working like before? Contract change creating a ‘change curve’, perhaps complacency from the safety levels achieved previously or loss of focus embedding the new contract.

Our managing director believes that everyone has the right to come to work without fear of injury and to go home safely at the end of each shift and that as a team we need to be the best that we can be through keeping ourselves and our colleagues safe and well. And, one of our key values is ‘Always putting safety first’, we needed to reinvigorate health, safety and wellbeing to meet that value head-on.

In resetting our strategic safety objectives, we included improvement and environment consequently developing our Wellbeing, Improvement, Safety, Health and Environment Strategy or ‘WISHES’. Changing the mindset from just health and safety to such a broad spectrum would be a challenge itself but our real challenge would be driving the culture to meet those WISHES.