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Collaborative Working Champions Survival Guide

Published 01st September 2009 by Constructing Excellence

Since the Latham and Egan reports of the 1990s, the industry has been on a journey of improvement. The Constructing Excellence Key Performance Indicators show that the industry
performs around 30% better today than it did ten years ago. Collaborative Working has been at the heart of this improvement, although there is a long way to go.

However, construction is always one of the prime casualties of a recession. The last one cost the industry over 300,000 jobs. What experiences do we have that can help organisations not only survive, but come out stronger when the economic environment improves, and at the same time avoid throwing away all the improvement of the last ten years?

In general it is those organisations that remain true to their values which fare better during and after a severe financial downturn. Those that plan recovery through maintaining a culture of delivering improved value for money and continually providing suitable quality of service, stand the best chance of survival. Those that focus on short-term actions based around cost cutting and following an obsession with lowest price are most likely to end up vulnerable.

Collaborative Working Champions Survival Guide

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