ZED PODS innovative ultra-low carbon modular housing development

Constructing Excellence

Using innovative grid-based design and volumetric construction methodology, ZED PODS (ZP) has designed and built 12 low-carbon new homes for people living in temporary accommodation in Newport by working closely with Linc Cymru and Newport City Council (NCC), funded by the Welsh Government.

Our inhouse architectural team have designed the units for superior energy-efficiency, building performance, safety and reducing thermal bridging following a robust Sustainable Policy for all activities from material choices to renewables.

We have minimised environmental impact throughout the supply chain and at every stage of the building lifecycle. The modules were built in a UK factory, then they were transported & installed in 3 days, minimising disruption, noise, pollution, construction traffic and carbon footprint. Along with light foundation, MMC has reduced the amount of onsite building work by 90%.

Use of local labours and local supply chain is an integrated part of our business strategy. Our design team has worked with local consultants, civil engineers, drainage/landscape designers etc during planning. Welsh-based Building Control with officers nearby to site, ensured rapid inspections and minimised carbon footprints. During the construction phase, a South-west based groundworks contractor together with local bricklayers, renderers and labourers helped with site works such as blockworks and railings were inspired by local precedent. Materials e.g., concrete, timber and ducting were procured from local builders merchants and site equipment was hired from Welsh-based providers.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. The Hill Street House, delivered by volumetric modular technologies, forms an important part of Newport City Council’s plans to increase the supply of affordable social housing at speed, and was funded by the Welsh Government Phase 2 Homelessness grant.
  2. By using a combined strategy of enhancing building fabric, maximising the number of energy efficiency measures, and applying low-carbon and renewable technologies to design and built these new ultra-low-carbon homes to the highest quality.
  3. This development as one of the highest levels of energy performances in social housing in the UK, built in line with Welsh Government Decarbonisation Programme. It is helping Newport City Council and other local authorities to rethink the use of underutilised sites to deliver innovative sustainable homes and address “affordable” housing crisis.