Facilitate Short-listing Process

Officers facilitate four steps in this stage:

  • Assess Pre-qualification Questionnaires
  • Short-list candidates
  • Confirm shot-listed candidates’ interested in proceeding to the next stage
  • Feedback to unsuccessful candidates

Assess Pre-qualification Questionnaires

Guidance on assessing PQQs is given in ASSESS PQQs.

Short-list Candidates

Guidance on short-listing is given in ASSESS PQQs.

Confirm Short-listed Candidates’ Interested in Proceeding to the Next Stage

Before you dismiss any marginal candidates, make sure you will have an adequate number of candidates to go through to the NEGOTIATION stage. Tell successful candidates and ask them to confirm they are willing to enter negotiations. If any drop out, you may need to reconsider any marginal candidates.

Feedback to Unsuccessful Candidates

Guidance on feedback is given under FEEDBACK.

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