Assess PQQs

Assessing PQQs:

  • Scoring checklists
  • Independent assessment
  • Collating scores
  • Selection threshold
  • Records.

Scoring Checklists

These checklists are prepared at the same time as the PQQ. Guidance and examples are given in PRE-QUALIFICATION QUESTIONNAIRE.

Independent Assessment

Give members of the assessment panel duplicate copies of the completed PQQs and assess each one according to the agreed scoring checklists. Note there are no project prices in the PQQ.

Collating Scores

Average scores of all assessors for each heading on the scoring checklists.

Selection Threshold

The assessment panel meet to assess the distribution of scores and decide on a threshold for short-listing. There is a range of possible outcomes from having many clearly satisfactory candidates, to not having any satisfactory candidates at all.

There may be some candidates with marginal scores. You may need to carry some of these forward to the next stage if there are insufficient clearly satisfactory candidates.


Ensure all the actions and outcomes (including scoring checklists) are recorded and stored for subsequent audit.

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