Select the Project Team

Selecting the project team covers:

  • individuals in the core team comprising client, constructor and consultants
  • 2nd tier suppliers.

The objective is to select people who understand partnering and are willing to work in a collaborative way.

Partnering along the Supply Chain

Although developing the supply chain was a centrepiece of Rethinking Construction, it is fair to say that for the first Few years after its publication many people focused on partnering at the ‘top table’, that is between the contractor, client and immediate advisers. Nowadays, the really successful projects apply the same principles along the whole supply chain.

Partnering has close connections with:

  • briefing the team
  • value management
  • risk management
  • supply chain management
  • integrating design and construction

The fact sheet Supply chain management is a concise overview.

Integrated Team

Establish an integrated team that consists of the right people (see Strategic issue 5, section 5.2).

Establish a panel drawn from the client and contractor (1st tier supplier) to select 2nd tier suppliers using a simplified quality based selection process (Operational issue 1). You should require 2nd tier suppliers to replicate this process or provide verifiable evidence that subsequent levels in the supply chain are selected on quality criteria, and reserve the right to audit relationships along the supply chain.

You will be looking for evidence that the contractor is taking serious steps towards engaging with suppliers so as to sustain the local construction economy.

Appendix 5 is a guide to the number of suppliers you should be inviting to bid and the time needed for the selection process.

Use Strategic issue 3 as a checklist for developing a culture of respect for people when you are selecting the team.

Appendix 2 offers a matrix for listing the qualities you are looking for in individuals (and 2nd tier suppliers) and rating the competence of candidates and the training they would need to fill the job.

Case Study

The Building Success series was prepared by Constructing Excellence in association with the Construction Products Association:

Building success: lessons from frequent clients who got it right – ten case studies

This study shows the latest thinking from a variety of large experienced clients. They have sought to harness the ‘hands on’ experience of 1st and 2nd tier contractors and key suppliers so as to encourage innovation and create value.

Building success: profit from business improvement

This booklet examines best practice that has boosted profitability in companies large and small across the UK. Challenges included the need for committed leadership, customer focus, integrated processes and teams, a focus on quality and a commitment to employees.

Building success: suppliers and manufacturers who got it right – ten case studies

The projects chosen were ones where manufacturers and suppliers were involved early or brought something extra to the process.

T5 Buy Club offers a 12-step model for applying quality-based selection at the 2nd tier. This method achieved spectacular results for procuring M&E equipment and services at Heathrow Terminal 5. You may not be able to justify the resources needed for the whole process unless the framework is very large.

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