Think & Act Differently in a Useful Way – One-day seminar

Accelerating Innovation in the Construction Industry: HOW it’s done

One-day seminar for leaders in the construction industry
Is “innovation” merely a new century buzz word or an essential success factor in Construction today?

When? Thursday, June 30, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Where? Turner & Townsend – One New Change, London, EC4M 9AF 


The government’s Construction 2025 program points to key industry targets: lower costs, faster delivery, lower emissions and improved exports. Meeting these targets will demand that the Construction Industry “think and act differently, in a useful way”. This is Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) working definition of innovation. And while ‘innovation’ may often be overused, it is undeniable that organisations with robust innovation capabilities will advance more swiftly and more readily to find success than those that don’t. Enhancing an organisations innovation capabilities enables more rapid access to new value adding strategic options, improved problem solving skills, more efficient product/service development capabilities, better marketing, productivity gains, new business models, etc.

Against this backdrop, Constructing Excellence and SIT have partnered to offer a small number of participants insight into a unique and highly successful method proven to help individuals and organisations innovate. In short, you’ll be shown the “HOW” of innovation, a method that is already accelerating performance in the construction industry.

Programme Objective

  • Introduce participants to foundational principles underlying innovation and the Systematic Inventive Thinking method
  • Get hands-on and try it. See first-hand how SIT works
  • Explore how to make innovation a reality in your company

Programme Overview

The day is split into 3 parts:

1) Explore innovation, why organisations struggle to innovate, what are the barriers, and what can be done to enable innovation.

2) Work with the SIT method, get hands-on through relevant case studies and exercises. Learn how to think inventively, on demand, thus beginning the development of a new life skill called inventive thinking.

3) Explore how to make innovation a more significant capability within your organisation a. Consider the culture of innovation v. opportunistic innovation b. See how a commitment to, and investment in innovation, can accelerate commercial results

Who Should Attend

Leaders within the construction industry whose success is measured by an ability to think and act differently, in a useful and productive way, but don’t necessarily have the HOW to innovate.


CONSTRUCTING EXCELLENCE – Constructing Excellence is a platform for industry improvement to deliver better value for clients, industry and users through collaborative working. We bring together informed intelligent clients with leading industry players, universities and other stakeholders to collaborate on:

  • Innovation and research
  • Benchmarking and demonstrations
  • Knowledge transfer and learning
  • Networking and thought leadership.

SYSTEMATIC INVENTIVE THINKING ® (SIT) – is the name of both our company and the method we have developed to help organizations achieve their objectives through innovation. In today’s increasingly complex and competitive environment, most business leaders agree that to grow, innovation and creative thinking must be encouraged and successfully delivered. For this purpose, SIT offers the HOW of Innovation in the form of “Results” projects and organisation wide “Structure” programmes that help companies develop a culture and practice of innovation. In these, we teach skills that help you think and act differently in an useful way; work with you to generate and implement ideas that are both innovative, practical and value adding; and assist in designing the structures that will enable your organisation to innovate in what they do, rather than simply doing innovation. Innovation can become consistent, systematic, and a reliable value adding capability. Anyone can learn HOW.

COSTAIN and GALLIFORD TRY – are both committed to developing stronger innovation capabilities across the industry and have been involved in the development of this event from its inception. Furthermore, they have each committed to registering several of its own employees and select members of their supply chain to join the event.

How to book

To book your place please visit then EventBrite page for the event here. Places are £500 plus VAT.