The Birkin Building Regeneration Project

Constructing Excellence

The project involved the façade repair of a 40,000ft², historically significant, Grade II listed Victorian building, including the cleaning and indentation of stone and brickwork, refurbishment of cornicing and 142 windows, and mortar repair- enabling the effective energy efficiency retro fitting of the interior meet our decarbonisation targets.

Over the length of the project, we have had to navigate the significant supply chain impacts of Brexit and Covid. However, our success in doing so has been driven by our expertise in project management and our increased formal knowledge and qualifications on how to sympathetically regenerate a traditionally constructed building. Methodologically, we surpassed what was necessary for the façade protection to ensure that the building will still be in good condition 150 years from now.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. Phase I is already multi-award-winning, having been recognised by local, regional and national organisations as being exemplars of heritage-led regeneration, not only boosting the local economy but proving that sustaining heritage does not need to come at the expense of the environment. Historic England has called the project both, “an exemplar of heritage-led regeneration” and “stewardship in its best sense”.
  2. We have preserved the architectural, industrial and cultural heritage of one of Nottingham’s most historically significant buildings to the benefit of the local community, regional economy and environment.
  3. Spenbeck comprises of only two, single parent sisters whose passion for sustainable heritage in all its forms has leveraged our Birkin Building regeneration project to become nationwide vocal advocates for the need to improve heritage skills and infrastructure and bring the heritage built environment into mainstream net zero conversations.