The Bigg Market, Giving a historic heart back to Newcastle.

Constructing Excellence

In 2015 The Bigg Market was a notorious and unloved public space providing little benefit to the public and the business community and rather than a source of pride it was viewed in many quarters as a stain on the city. Its heritage was in danger of being permanently eroded; it looked to have a very bleak future.

At completion in 2022, the Bigg Market is a vibrant, inclusive space, celebrated by artists, residents and the business community. It is now a viable space for investment, enjoyment and activity. Newcastle has its historic heart back and beating louder than ever.

Significant heritage assets have been conserved and the area has improved beyond recognition. The project success is in no small part down to the commitment, passion and resilience of a small but dedicated project team.

The project was delivered on time and within budget but perhaps most significantly it has revived an area in decline and provided the local community a space to dwell, enjoy and celebrate.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. The £3.2 million contract spend has facilitated a further £17million private investment, creating over 350 jobs along the way.
  2. The last and arguably most complex of the National Lottery’s Townscape Heritage Initiatives undertaken with works to 12 separate buildings and a busy city centre public realm completed during the contract.
  3. The entire words to Blaydon Races were historically researched and incorporated within the stonework throughout the public realm.