Tempus – Temporary Fire Doors- Selo Doors Innovation

Constructing Excellence

Next generation fire protection. Constructed from heavy-duty steel with a mineral wool core, Tempus is designed to withstand the rigours of a construction site whilst maintaining fire compliance throughout. This is a real gamechanger as no maintenance required.

Temporary fire doors are used on construction sites, mainly between the stair core and the floor level, to protect the stair core as a fire escape route, though they can be used elsewhere, like in a corridor, if it is over a certain length.

The Problem

Previously temporary fire doors were timber frames and door, and because they are only temporary, the contractor will look to do them as cheaply as possible as they only get thrown away at the end of a project. This means that the way they are constructed on-site suffers. A temporary fire door gets very heavy usage with a lot of daily traffic. The climatic conditions within the site are also a challenge- as the doors go into the site before the building is fully watertight, the timber can take this in and expand, meaning the door doesn’t close properly.

The Solution

TEMPUS–Temporary Fire Door was developed on the back of this problem. It needed to be something that was robust enough to last the length of the project and then be reused for the next one. TEMPUS–Temporary Fire Door is a steel door in a steel frame with an insulated core that is not affected by moisture intake and can be unscrewed, removed, and reused again and again saving time and money–not to mention sustainability.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. TEMPUS–Temporary Fire Door is a solution to a long-standing construction market problem–including compliance, maintenance, durability, and sustainability. It is only product of its kind available on the UK market.
  2. TEMPUS–Temporary Fire Door is 100% sustainable and re-useable. It includes a special feature: SERA Fire activated lock. In the event of a fire the door locks to stop the spread of fire. The unique patent pending inert locking system automatically activates when in direct contact with fire, typically between 100-200°C. Once activated forced entry is possible for Fire Brigade.
  3. TEMPUS–Temporary Fire Door is bi-directionally fire Tested to BS EN1634-1 for resistance to fire (60MINUTE FIRE RATING) and enhances life safety in high-risk construction environment.