St Clair Gardens – Recovery Mental Health Centre for Mind

Constructing Excellence

Commissioned for Coventry & Warwickshire Mind, St Clair Gardens provides nursing and recovery support for adults with multiple needs and enduring moderate-to-severe mental illness requiring a safe setting, in which to engage and participate in a rehabilitation and recovery-based therapeutic programme. Design brief sought a visually appealing home at the heart of local community, which reflects belief that mental health should not be stigmatised or hidden but recognised as part of everyday life.

Mind’s outside-the-box approach is not only reflected in entrusting the vision with young design team but in their commitment to uncompromised design quality, atypical functional solutions and innovative contractual procurement, all of which are synergistic of Mind’s vision of care.

The project was Highly Commended (Best Internal Environment) at Building Better Healthcare Awards. However, the most inspiring success story belongs to the first residents, who broke into tears when shown around the home after admitting how everyone had given up on them. One resident moved out into independent living after ten weeks (typical programme is two years), which demonstrates how healing architecture can stimulate the beginning of new independent life