Seymour Skills Academy

Constructing Excellence

Seymour is an inclusive employer who believe in a holistic approach to nurturing their people, allowing them to achieve their full potential with support and understanding. They are a company committed to the betterment of our staff and, by extension, that of the communities in which we live and work. Their values and visions, embodying our company ethos, are fundamental to how they work as both an employer and a working partner. They underpin all of our People Development initiatives and are the reason that their excellent multi-skilled workforce has contributed to winning multiple awards for excellent standards in work and training.


Three Winning Facts:
  1. Investing in the training of our staff to prioritise commitments in our Visions and Values to be “a desirable employ-er with a good reputation,” built through the personal development opportunities offered to staff to upskill their capabilities and provide chances for promotion and personal growth.
  2. Helping to bridge the skills gap through continuously seeking areas of expansion for their award-winning training from strong alliances with organisations looking to help hard-to-reach and unemployed into sustainable meaning-ful employment. Our 86% success rate of trainees into employment is testament to this.
  3. Expanding their remit to include extensive new training courses in other sectors of the construction industry, such as bricklaying and rail services.