Seismic – a new platform for construction

Constructing Excellence

Seismic provides the tangible evidence that is needed to drive a meaningful shift towards Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).

Designed in line with the government’s Construction 2025 targets, it exceeds them in every way, delivering a building that is 75% faster to complete, 70% lower in carbon impact and 47% better value than traditional construction.

The standardisation developed for the platform even allows Seismic to compete with other modular solutions, with an improvement of around 30% on speed.

And, with the UK government pushing for platform-based construction solutions, the Seismic demonstrator building offers a glimpse of the future, as the first example of innovation in this space that has been delivered.


Three Winning Facts:

When benchmarked against the UK government’s Construction 2025 targets, the Seismic platform achieves:

  1. a 75% improvement in efficiency,
  2. a 70% reduction in carbon (both embodied and operational),
  3. a 47% improvement in value (based on waste reduction and inefficiency alone)