Constructing Excellence

Brief & Compelling Summary

By championing a whole-team approach, the SCF Framework enables clients and end-users to achieve value through quality-managed governance and processes. Value delivery is the cornerstone of performance and project data collected continually informs client decisions and provides a collaborative and constant learning culture.

An early pioneer of construction frameworks, SCF continually evolves to fulfil its aim to provide a means of procuring public sector construction that is honest, transparent, constantly challenges what is achievable to identify how processes and outcomes can be improved for:



our environment and community.

The framework is a leader in its field and produces robust data in a highly objective manner and, due to the scale of the framework operation, is a barometer for performance and improvement.

As an early champion for two stage open book procurement, SCF ethos is to provide value in a sustainable way for all stakeholders in every framework project.

Collectively, SCF contractors debate, share experience & expertise, innovate and deliver to the benefit of client, contractor, environment and community – delivering Value for All