Safety Shield

Constructing Excellence

Lifesaving Technology for All Plant Vehicles

Safety Shield is the most advanced AI human form recognition safety system available on the market, offering world class collision avoidance technology for construction machinery.

Safety Shield started off as an R&D Company in 2013 developing AI collision avoidance technology for the construction market. We quickly realised that the technology used in the automotive industry was not suitable for the construction industry due to the ever-changing environments and the AI model needed to be re-designed from scratch. The company worked alongside government, transport authorities, research institutes, international construction companies and OEM’s to develop this unique technology and create the Safety Shield AI platform.

In 2017 Safety Shield teamed up with Balfour Beatty who offered independent testing of the system which gave the opportunity to train the model in real site environments in construction, highways and rail.

Since its implementation in 2020, our cutting-edge technology has been a proven game changer on construction sites to improve safety and change operator behaviour associated with people and plant interface. This technology had never been used in this sector before and since its introduction has begun to replace any other technologies previously being used.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. Examples from trials show a consistent 50%+ decrease in critical alert levels in the first week of running the system.
  2. Potential for Safety Shield AI systems to be adapted for urban environment applications.
  3. Safety Shield system implemented across some of the largest plant hire companies and civil in the UK.