R&W Civil Engineering

Constructing Excellence

R&W Civil Engineering is a highly successful organisation that has grown rapidly over the past five years; a fact recognised when in 2015 the company was included in the London Stock Exchange’s list of “1000 Companies to Inspire Britain”.

Managing growth is vital along with the need to keep core values at the forefront of everybody’s minds and to consistently apply them to all aspects of the business; without compromise. Always seeking to implement innovation wherever possible and improve its offering to customers, The R&W Way, a far reaching organisational strategy, was developed and has been implemented right across the business over recent years helping drive development and the adoption of best practice.

At the heart of this enterprise wide initiative is the strategic management of all risks and the recognised need for an open and supportive approach to all aspects of the business. This positive approach helps attract and retain talented people; increases workforce safety and wellbeing; increases team cohesion and synergy particularly as they expand and become geographically dispersed; take on more larger and complex projects; underpins positive change; and directly contributes to the bottom line.