Quadram Institute

Constructing Excellence

The Quadram Institute is a new £multi-million state-of-the-art food and health research and endoscopy centre that will open mid-2018.

It will be at the forefront of a new interface between food science, gut biology and health, developing solutions to worldwide challenges in food-related disease and human health.

Quadram Institute will be engaged in fundamental and translational food and health research, alongside clinical studies and one of Europe’s largest endoscopy centres, all under one roof.

It will work with industry to become a leading international hub for food and health science, combining scientific excellence and clinical expertise, to deliver better patient care whilst accelerating innovation.

The requirement for digital constructing excellence was set out by the government’s BIM Level 2 mandate, but it supports the development of a complex, highly serviced laboratory of this nature. Multiple user groups
are combined in a single facility, with a mixture of high-containment and HTM-compliant space. The complexity of design means a digital strategy is necessary to successfully deliver the project.

The scope of preconstruction services for the contractor required an audit of the existing BIM model. Undertaking this identified clashes and design issues.

On site, management of all contract administration and communication through the common data environment has made the significant volume of correspondence and information manageable. Furthermore, there has been use of a snagging platform on a tablet PC called Fieldview to manage quality efficiently. It is only possible to deliver a facility of this size and complexity making use of technology in this way.