QE Class Logistics Centre, Portsmouth Naval Base

Constructing Excellence

QE Class Logistics Centre (previously known as 30 Store) is the first scheme that we have undertaken at the Portsmouth Naval Base for our client BAE Systems, on behalf of the Royal Navy. The QE Class Logistics Centre (QLC) provides storage and kitting facilities to support the new Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) aircraft carriers. The project forms part of a £350m investment programme which currently employees 550 people in the Portsmouth area.

The logistics centre is the first carbon neutral asset on the Naval Base. Supporting the naval base’s objective of achieving net-zero carbon emissions from the base by 2040. The project was sustainably future proofed and harnesses renewable energy sources to supply the warehouse. The roof holds a photo-voltaic array which consists of 678 panels, generates 250KW of power and generates 3 times the energy that it uses.

During the construction phase we focused on the use of local manufacturers, contractors, and suppliers. Our use of local contractors and suppliers ensured that we minimized travel time and emissions caused by transport. This strategy also meant we kept money within the local community. Overall, across the duration of the project 49% of our subcontractor partners where within a 30 radius of the project, 32% of those where within a 10mile radius of the Naval Base.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. We achieved a 100% satisfaction score on our Exceeding Customer Expectations report.
  2. The Logistics Centre delivers three times more energy than it uses.
  3. Delivered the project to programme whilst achieving net zero carbon.