Plymouth Community Homes

Constructing Excellence

The Refurbishment of the three fourteen storey towers in Devonport is a project of national significance.  The project presented many logistical and design challenges due to the original construction and the refurbishment carried out twenty years earlier.  This project embeds the principals of Constructing Excellence from procurement through planning, into delivery and commissioning.  This successful project demonstrates a collaborative and innovative approach by the Client, Consultant, Contractor and Community.

The three Towers were amongst the first in the UK to be stripped of their non-compliant cladding material and among the first to have active fire prevention measures retrospectively installed following the Grenfell disaster. While other landlords were forced to rehouse their residents – at great inconvenience and disruption to the families, works at Lyhner, Tamar and Tavy were undertaken with all 270 homes occupied.

The Towers is a unique and major project in the South West.  It was required to mobilise extremely quickly after the Grenfell disaster, to deliver essential and extensive remedial works without any notable planning, lead-in time or formal mobilisation.