Plymouth City Council

Constructing Excellence

PCC and in particular Gareth Simmons should be recognised as the best client for the following top 5 reasons:

  1. Their approach to procurement of major projects: Proactive / Understand local market / 2 stage / allow those with expertise to bring benefits the projects.
  2. Their approach to Risk management: sensible / manage and share risk rather than try to hand it over at a cost.
  3. They are pro-development: Many sites identified and city council proactive in helping to make development happen, coordinated plan, actively marketed to attract investment.
  4. Truly Collaborative: Work together with their suppliers through thick and thin to make projects a success.
  5. Up-skilling runs through their organisation: Building Plymouth -no one does it better – totally ingrained and now seen as best practice across the region and is being emulated.


Strategic Project Director, Gareth Simmons should be recognised for his input into much of the above.


This submission was brought together by Constructing Excellence Plymouth and supported by a selection of some of PCC’s suppliers including Midas, Kier, Willmott Dixson and AECOM.