Outpost – secure Internet Access for the digital contractor

As connectivity becomes more and more important in the site lifecycle, so focus shifts to emerging wireless standards such as 5G.  However, the very nature of construction, project locations and geography on site often exclude our industry from taking advantage so many of these new technologies.  Outpost, our bespoke Internet access system leverages the best of the available technology in a custom-built system designed specifically for contractors.

Even if a remote area is only served by 3G, we can still provide quality connectivity that far surpasses off-the-shelf systems, thanks to our use of multiple persistent connections integrated in a single, internally-installed device without all manner of cables hanging off the side of cabins.  We connect all this over a private cellular system so you benefit from a higher level of security and Trench’s in-house team has full visibility and accountability of the connection, ensuring it remains online, all the time.

Outpost has been around for 5 years and undergone 6 system revisions to ensure we always stay at the head of development.  The modular system can take advantage of emerging technologies where possible and has limitless customisation options to fit the IT strategy of any contractor.  Some of our most recent contract wins have utilised bespoke builds to allow them to leverage existing systems where retail 4G routers have let them down so existing investments are protected.

One of our most interesting technologies has been our use of “virtualisation” and AI, which allows 3rd party systems to run within the Outpost on-site hardware.  This allows the use of so-called “edge” technologies to process information on-site and has been used to run Windows servers, storage systems, video analytics and more in areas where deploying additional hardware isn’t realistic.

Our cost model is opex-based and fits in with site lifecycles, with custom invoicing formats to align with how clients operate – we understand no contractor is the same!

As much as anything, we work with all clients as a partnership and contractors of all sizes from small homebuilders to tier 1’s are now benefiting from their relationships with Trench, improving security and productivity on every site they deploy us on.

Key achievements

  • We are extremely proud in 2019 to have added two of the largest contractors in the UK as strategic, long-term clients, with more to come in 2020.
  • We have released the 6th generation of our hardware, introducing new levels of performance, scalability and features including 5G-capability and Artificial Intelligence modules.
  • Secured the backing of a high-profile VC-based investor to allow us hit new levels of growth and employment