New: “Unlocking Productivity – survey report on the state of the industry as we head to 2025”

Constructing Excellence

We are in the midst of a global digital revolution which is transforming the way in which people and businesses connect, transforming the potential of businesses to innovate and improve their productivity. Information and data are opening doors for a wide range of industries to advanced analytics to monitor performance and drive improvements in productivity through innovation.

The global digital revolution offers immense possibilities to foster innovation and improve productivity in our sector. Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the two most obvious areas which are beginning to encourage more innovative ways of working.

However, the findings of this report show that for our sector, the real challenges to improving productivity remain at a more fundamental level.

This report has been prepared by Project Five Consulting on behalf of Constructing Excellence to summarise the results from a survey carried out between May and July 2015. The survey was designed to gather industry perceptions on the barriers to innovation, and hence productivity, and to provide some insights into the root causes of – and potential solutions to – those barriers.

Unlocking Productivity