New Report: Delivering built asset operational excellence

Constructing Excellence

Built assets are typically the largest investments made by both public- and private-sector clients. In the past Constructing Excellence (CE) has made a priority of examining how outcome-value can be locked into the briefing, design, construction and commissioning of buildings and infrastructure.

We have now published our report “Delivering built- asset operational excellence – Insight and tips from construction clients and supply chains”. This report summarises an approach to delivering more value during the operational phase of buildings, based on lessons learnt, insight and tips shared by major construction clients and CE members, with the asset management group, over the last few years.

We do hope that this report proves of value to construction clients, supply chains and CE Members and we welcome your feedback on how we could improve our future guidance and reports.

A number of questions have consistently run through our work, answers to which will offer CE members and clients the opportunity to innovate and differentiate their services further.

Over the next two years, we are proposing to use funding secured by CE as part of the Whole Life Performance Plus ( project consortium supported by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council to build on the work detailed in our report. We will work to align our work on built asset performance, with the work of other organisations such as UK Green Building Council (UK GBC), Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), British Council for Offices (BCO), Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) and the Institute of Asset Management (IAM). This will ensure the work of CE compliments, rather than replicates, what can be accessed elsewhere. We are proposing a structured programme to share and disseminate how built assets can be more productive for organisations, and to work towards answering the questions raised in our report and by CE members.

We have created a programme to the beginning of 2018 based on feedback from CE members and the asset management task group, as to which topic are the most pressing. The programme is detailed below:

Date Topic Issues to be covered
1.30pm 19th October 2016  

New business models

New business models which deliver better built asset operational performance
1.30pm 25th January 2017 How process can improve operational performance Examining the use of BIM, soft landings etc. to improve the operational performance of built assets
1.30pm 26th April 2017 The use of big data to improve built asset performance Unlocking and using big data to improve built asset performance
1.30pm 12th July 2017 Integrating data systems How to improve the performance of built assets by joining up data systems
1.30pm 20th September 2017 Making existing built asset work How to improve the performance of existing built assets
1.30pm 24th January 2018 Asset management summit Joining up guidance and insights for CE members to help differentiate their services

We would like to thank all the organisations that shared their ideas and lessons learnt at our workshops, the CE member organisations who attended and contributed, and to the organisation who generously hosted our workshops.

You can download the report Delivering built asset operational excellence and secure a place to attend future asset management group meetings and workshops by contacting John O’Brien, Group chair [email protected] or Colm Quinn, Group secretary [email protected].

John O’Brien is the Constructing Excellence asset management group chair, Founder and MD, LCMB Building Performance Ltd.