Natalie Palframan

Constructing Excellence

Natalie Palframan is Key Account manager for the North at Procure Partnerships Framework. Natalie has been the Key Account manager for the North West since November 2020, she has competed against many competitor framework providers within the North West and in that time has enjoyed excellent success, Natalie has supported local Public Sector Organisations to bring 50 projects to market. These projects have generated more than £42,000,000 in Social Value Add for the local area.

As a person who thinks about construction and the future of the industry for the benefits of the end users Natalie has contributed to the conversations around Early Contractor involvement and Modern Methods of Construction in collaboration with Bond Bryan Architects and Arcadis.

Natalie’s commitment to driving sustainability through the Procure Partnerships Framework business is evident in a couple of main areas, Environmental Awareness, and Social Value.

Natalie created an environmental sustainability training program in collaboration with sustainability consultants Core 5. Initially this programme was delivered internally, and then following refinement was offered regionally with many organisations across the North West taking advantage of the free training sessions to increase their environmental awareness in relation to the built environment.

Natalie works with a group of Framework Contractor Partners committed to long-term thinking and sustainable business practices. Natalie supports her clients to appoint contractors that operate on sustainable margins and promote collaboration and continued work for the supply chain.

Three Reasons Why This Individual Should Win:
  1. Social Value Impact: over £42,000,000 of Social Value Add.
  2. Influential Woman in Construction, over £350,000,000 worth of Capital Projects procured.
  3. Strong reputation within the region and industry.