M&Y Maintenance and Construction

Constructing Excellence

As a key player in the northwest construction and maintenance market, M&Y has shown resilience to the challenges faced by the industry over the last 12 months, achieving growth and continuing to be a forward thinking, profit-for-purpose business. Uncertainty has been our greatest challenge, with turbulence caused by Brexit, Covid-19 and most recently war in Ukraine, causing disruption to our staffing, working practices and supply chain. M&Y are fortunate to have a high level of staff retention, and low levels of sickness, but their repairs and maintenance service was impacted by isolation rules, leading to a backlog of repairs. Demand for repairs increased as everyone stayed home, and with their capacity lowered, they faced a real challenge to maintain high levels of service.


Three Winning Facts:
  1. Delivering £225k of social value, positively impacting 1,084 people
    For every contract delivered, M&Y pledge to work alongside our supply chain to enhance communities via social value initiatives that leave long-lasting positive impacts.
  2. M&Y is a good and safe place to work
  3. Securing new clients and strengthening our supply chain M&Y increased its turnover in 2021-22, securing five new external clients, providing contracts worth £5m.