Merthyr Tydfil Bus Interchange

Constructing Excellence

Supporting the Welsh Government target to electrify public transport by 2028, the new Merthyr Tydfil Bus Station is a leading Project in Wales, electrifying the whole station to become the first facility in Wales that allows for the charging of electric vehicles on-site. The new bus station is located closer to the town’s railway station with the aim of creating a new Transport Interchange Hub facility and link-up with rail’s South Wales Metro. With its striking roof design and its sustainable design approach, this is truly a 21st century Transport Interchange, providing a catalyst for future redevelopment of the town centre, and across Wales.

The project has integrated with Welsh Government, Transport for Wales and various transport providers to manage the introduction of new technologies and vehicle charging, sharing responsibility for the infrastructure, as well as the connections with private sector parties to provide suitable vehicles and facilities.

The key incorporation of electrification allows for the building to eliminate fossil fuel usage indefinitely and enable green energy sources to be used. The integration of electrical vehicle chargers provides a charging facility for taxis and an electric transport hub for multiple public needs. The route of electrification drove an overall focus on modern green energy and the reduction of overall carbon impact:

• A completely electrified station with all heating/hot water powered by green renewable energy sources. This alone reduces the carbon impact of this project for the whole lifecycle of the building.
• A Rainwater Harvesting Tank was introduced to accommodate the public toilet spaces which will be heavily used in what will be Wales third busiest bus station.
• We selected materials with lesser embodied carbon and greater longevity reducing the need to replace, in line with Circular Economy principals.
• The team worked with contractors to utilise electric (Hybrid) plant and we employed almost exclusively local to reduce commuting.
• The building has been constructed in layers conforming to key Circular Economy principals that allow the building to be easily maintained with a reduced impact on raw materials and a reduced draw on embodied carbon.
• Through diligent management of waste including appropriate waste management contractors and segregation of waste as source we achieved 98% diversion from landfill.
• The reach of the project also extended beyond its boundaries and local schools and areas were invested in with the introduction of green spaces and increased diversity.

The project pays homage to the history and past of Merthyr Tydfil and acknowledges the pride of the community and the heritage of the town. The artistic concepts of the design is based upon the industrial heritage of the town. However this project has been seen as a development to push into a new era for the town and step forward and away from its industrial heritage and move into a new greener phase. The decisions and work completed on this project have set it apart by embracing new challenges and leading the way in seeking greener buildings and transport for the future.


Constructing Excellence Constructing Excellence Constructing Excellence Constructing Excellence