Mercers Walk

Constructing Excellence

In March 2015 we began construction on five sites in one area of Covent Garden; three new five storey residential buildings (24 apartments), a single storey retail building (glass pavilion) and a refurbished existing building dedicated to retail use (13-14 Langley Street). Therefore, the biggest challenge overall was the logistics as it was on a small footprint with minimal storage and surrounded by live buildings. The delivery was made even more challenging when we took on a £1.5m variation during the construction works.

In addition, access was only possible from one area and this was in close proximity to multiple neighbouring shops and restaurants; Pineapple Dance studios, Reiss, Russell & Bromley, Snow & Rock, London Graphics Centre, Hawksmoor and commercial offices and apartments.
We discovered that existing services drawings did not exist on the neighbours’ properties and so we organised detailed surveys and took on board a design and build responsibility to maintain, adapt, reinstate and reintegrate all of the phased works.

We also recognised early on that deliveries would not only have to be “just in time” but also restricted to vehicles with a maximum of eight wheels. Within the planning constraints there was also a two hour on/two hour off restriction on noise. We worked with Westminster City Council (WCC) to develop our logistics and environmental management plan and applied successfully for a section 61 for our works. This collaborative approach continued with the phased basement and demolition works against existing occupied buildings which required party wall agreements.