MEPC Limited

Constructing Excellence

MEPC is an established name in UK commercial property with a reputation for passion, innovation and quality, especially in its mixed-use city centre developments. Part of the Federated Hermes’ Private Markets business, MEPC crafts meaningful and distinctive places that provide long-term social value and positive change based on high-quality placemaking that is tangible and creates a real sense of community.

Design and Innovation Standards
MEPC works to the Federated Hermes’ Design Innovation Standard (DIS) – guidelines that assist in the application of innovative and forward-thinking design and construction practices on major developments.

Driving sustainable design commitments – the DIS extends beyond the key area of carbon emissions, including aspects of the built environment that still have close association to climate change but also include wellbeing considerations, the principles of circular economy, and the role of technology in the buildings of the future.


Working to this framework drives a commitment from the whole team and promotes collaborative leadership across the design, construction, and management team. It offers the ability for consultant teams to coordinate responses, problem-solve and determine suitable delivery strategies.

Quality Product

MEPC works hard to unlock value at every stage of a project – not just focussing on the financial and economic elements but incorporating the social and environmental factors too. By creating an open and collaborative approach to the project, MEPC ensures that the whole team works hard to achieve the very best quality through innovative and collective thinking to deliver the highest of standards.