Constructing Excellence

Sameer Pethe

Position: Innovation Lead for Resilience, BRE
Categories: Future Climate

Sameer recently assumed the role of Innovation Lead for Resilience at BRE, bringing a wealth of expertise in disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, and infrastructure resilience particularly from the global south.


His diverse experience, spanning over 13 years, encompasses collaborations with local, national, multilateral, and international entities such as RedR, UNICEF, UNDRR, and the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI). Sameer has successfully led projects in disaster-affected areas, conducted impactful public policy research, and played a pivotal role in establishing an international organization for a national government.


As a civil engineer with a master’s degree in infrastructure planning from UCL, Sameer specializes in the intricate interplay between climate change, disasters, and human systems, to develop a nuanced understanding of the challenges and solutions within the realm of resilience. His recent focus involves spearheading efforts in climate and disaster resilience for infrastructure systems, risk-informed governance, and resilient recovery and reconstruction.