Manchester and Cheshire Construction Co.Ltd

  • Our clients award us contracts because of our people. They ask for members of our delivery teams by name, from the directors to the people working out on site. This is due to our direct labour policy, which is a part of our history and values.
  • Our direct employment policy has been in place since the company’s formation 47 years ago, and we work hard to retain all of our employees, whether they be office or site-based. The average length of service is more than 10 years and an awareness of collaboration is embedded within all of our training activities and inductions on site. This stability assists collaborative working.
  • Construction is very much a people industry, therefore one of the overall objectives of the business is about building and maintaining relationships with existing and potential clients.
  • In 2017 we declared record profits of £1.7m. This represents an increase of 52% over the previous year.
  • Turnover increased by 27% to a record £15.5m in the 2016-2017 financial year.
  • An increase in sales can often lead to a dilution of the reasons for a company’s initial success. The main reason for our success is our people, and our challenge has been to ensure we maintain the company’s ethos and values and continue to do so as new staff are added.
  • Another challenge is to attract and retain staff, particularly as there is a major skills shortage in the construction industry.