M4 and M48 Toll Removals

Constructing Excellence

For 42 yrs tolls have existed on the M4 & M48 bridges, on 17 Dec bridge users crossed toll free.

In Mar18, Highways England assembled a team through its South West Construction Works Frameworks to deliver the project and provide a free-flowing motorway, minimising any negative impacts on customers.

Toll removal was highly political & generated significant media interest. From the outset it was clear the project was under a spot light with no room for failure.

The core team included HE, Kier, MJ Church, Hanson Contracting, Forest Traffic Management & Bath Demolition. The success of the project can be attributed to the project team’s meticulous planning, living the values & working collaboratively with each other & stakeholders.

Following the successful removal, which was done safely, with minimal customer impact, on time & in budget, Jill Adam, Strategic Roads Director at DfT commented:

“We have really appreciated not just the professional execution of the practical elements of the work, but also your willingness to work with us and find solutions to the many changing policy demands made throughout the process. The Secretary of State was pleased things had gone so well and commented that this was a very good job by Highways”