M32 Metrobus

Constructing Excellence

The M32 is a heavily used transport link vital to the continued flow of traffic in the Bristol area. Design & build of:

  • New M32 bus only junction including new slip roads (city centre on slip & country bound off slip roads)
  • New composite bridge over M32 with structural steel beams & a reinforced concrete deck
  • 900m of new bus lane works, with central reserve slip form barrier at A4032 /B4052 Circulatory Junction

In 2015, GRAHAM were successfully awarded two contracts to deliver a Bus only junction & Bus lane as part of the £200m investment by travelwest in the Bristol area.

Completed in May 2017, the new assets are long lasting, future proofed (adaptable & flexible), easy to maintain, operate & decommission.

GRAHAM take environmental responsibilities very seriously & to date have had

  • 100% compliance to Regulatory Permits & Consents

This record was maintained throughout the M32 build.

Our positive environmental performance is only achieved through the competence of our teams who champion & deliver sustainability on the ground.