M180 Inglis Bridge Preservation

Constructing Excellence

Our team completed the M180 Inglis Bridge Preservation project in December 2017. The scope of this cultural heritage project was to remove an historic ‘Inglis Bridge’ from the side of the M180 motorway.

This complex project involving a historic and fragile structure required careful planning and engineering design for temporary work by our project

team and supply chain.

The ‘Inglis Bridge’ was designed by Charles Inglis during World War 1 starting active service in 1916. This was the first multi-use, component built bridging system taken into service by the Royal Engineers and was used extensively throughout both World Wars. Capable of swift assembly from basic footbridges to carrying heavy military re-supply traffic, the bridging system became the forerunner of the Bailey
Bridge and other equipment used by military and civil engineers throughout the world.