Lydia McGuinness

Constructing Excellence

On joining Henry Boot Construction at 18, Lydia was keen to make her mark on the construction industry and has now become a brand ambassador and a positive influence in the industry. Lydia plays a key role in introducing young people to construction and is a strong supporter of women working in the industry. As Trainee Site Manager, Lydia is actively involved in all day to day activities on site, including site inductions, organising and liaising with subcontractors on site, client and design team meetings, organising site folders and writing up the daily diary.

Lydia is heavily involved in all aspects of the business and volunteers for many activities, from giving talks to students to participating in charity fundraising events. Lydia is always willing to go above and beyond to help the local community. Since starting at Henry Boot Construction, Lydia has shown exceptional leadership skills which have continued to flourish. She has a bright future ahead as she progresses towards the position of Site Manager and is an inspiration for other women who are considering a career in construction.