Kirils Holstovs

Constructing Excellence

Kirils was nominated by Institution of Civil Engineers.

Despite being in the early stages of his career, Kirils has not only influenced activities in the North East but has also been a driving force behind global climate initiatives.


Kirils uses his enthusiasm and sustainability knowledge to positively impact on his peers both at AECOM and the wider industry. Kirils’ ideas and initiatives have reached many governments and key decisionmakers across the world, in addition to AECOM Board Level and ICE Trustees.  He has presented on several global platforms, including the Blue Zone of COP26, the UN Youth4Climate Pre-COP26 summit and London Build Expo. His works have been recognised in many publications and blogs.


Kirils’ outstanding ability to collaborate and find synergies, in combination with his can-do attitude and determination, has led to unprecedented and highly impactful initiatives. A prime example of this is the COP26 Joint Statement of International Organisations that has been formally endorsed by the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO), shared with all COP26 parties in advance of the summit and acknowledged by COP High Level Climate Champions. As a co-lead of the associated global working group and a co-initiator of the declaration, Kirils has presented the 12 overarching climate policy recommendations of the declaration at bilateral meetings with several parties at COP26, including Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, the EU, France, and others. He also has used his own opportunities to involve others, for example, opening up the opportunity for the ICE President to share the stage with him at a COP26 event.