Kevin Fletcher

Constructing Excellence

“I have known Kevin for the best part of a decade, since he was my trainee at Lendlease, and he has always been a stand-out professional. Every task that he does is well thought-through and every way he approaches problems, challenges or people, is always really methodical and really well thought-out. His work is always well prepared and well planned and is never last minute.

In terms of what makes Kevin a winner is his ability to utilise his skillset to make relationships work in the different forms of teams that he is a part of. This includes with clients, labourers or the project managers that he is responsible for. He stands out from the crowd because he is a young head on old shoulders and despite his age, he is never one to shy away from responsibility or big decisions. He is way past the point he should be in his career at his age and he is way ahead of where many of his peers are. From my perspective, this is because he thinks so far ahead about what he needs to learn and then goes out of his way to grab this information from different people, or clients, or parts of projects, and this is a lesson that I think anyone can learn when approaching their careers.” – Jason McKnight, Co-Founder and Director, RECOM Solutions.

“Kevin Fletcher is a force multiplier.  His grit and determination are infectious and he drives project teams to succeed.  He has extensive experience across a variety of project types and he has invested heavily in his own personal development, meaning that he can add value at every stage of the project lifecycle.  Kevin’s first project at RECOM finished early, on budget and with zero defects. His performance was flawless and the project was rightly nominated by the client at an internal awards for excellence as a result.  Kevin thrives under pressure.  He makes sense out of the chaos and is a highly capable mentor to more junior or less experienced members of our team. In summary, Kevin Fletcher epitomises the qualities of an exceptional team player and leader. His impact extends far beyond the confines of his role, making him an indispensable asset to our business and a deserving candidate for this award. “ – James Holmes, Head of Operations, RECOM Solutions.