Investing in our staff and the future workforce

Constructing Excellence

At Stepnell we not only invest in our own staff but also the future workforce.

Bringing the next generation into the industry is crucial. Industry training body CITB expects an extra 200,000 construction jobs to be created over the next five-years, making it vital that the industry keeps developing and attracting skilled workers. Stepnell have established an innovative partnership with local education provider Leicester College and our local supply chain partners to actively address this skills shortage.

We launched a bespoke careers and training initiative, tailored to the College’s exacting needs, giving a head start to learners seeking a career in the construction industry. During 2016 we:

  • Presented to over 100 students and tutors providing advice and promoting working in the industry
  • Arranged a programme of site visits for 60 students
  • Provided 64 week-long work placements giving learners valuable industry experience

    We have since developed this initiative into a transferable model that is now being rolled out across all regions to further address the skills shortage, and help us to continue to meet our company target that 10% of our workforce is made up of apprentices, trainees or graduates.