Hyndburn Wind Farm

Constructing Excellence

The Project team fundamentally believe that to demonstrate true sustainability (not just promises) a project must show evidence of success and benefit through monitoring. Completed in 2012 but now in Year 4 of monitoring (having completed 3 years) the 12 turbine Hyndburn Wind Farm, developed on Oswaldtwistle Moor, Lancashire has achieved some amazing results in the year 2016 and is set to become a template for developing energy infrastructure on remote sites in the UK.

The wind farm project was delivered on a remote peat moorland which has a special set of sensitivities and required extensive planning and assessment to attempt to install a significant infrastructure project, whilst leaving an enhanced site for generations to come. This application will demonstrate how the environmental, social and economic elements of the wind farm have been designed and implemented and are succeeding to deliver true sustainability.

In particular the moorland holds large stores of carbon in its peat deposits. It was therefore paramount that peat carbon was protected during the whole life cycle of the project and is a focus of the best practice activity described in this application. The moorland was in a poor condition prior to development and provided opportunities for the project to significantly enhance the moorland condition so that is now set to become one of the UK’s most special scientific sites, whilst balancing and exceeding the project carbon balance.d we ran a meet the buyer event alongside early supply chain engagement and market research.