Hybrid Theatre, Royal Derby Hospital

Constructing Excellence

An innovative new build Hybrid Theatre project to improve clinical services for vascular patients across Derbyshire and Staffordshire delivered in a spirit of collaboration and trust by Galliford Try at Royal Derby Hospital.

The integration of Galliford Try (GT), University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust (the Trust), design team, supply chain and key stakeholders into one cohesive team resulted in the delivery of a high quality state-of-the-art combined operating theatre and interventional radiology suite within a single storey rooftop extension to enable patients with serious or life-threatening conditions to be treated in a single session.

it was crucial to establish a strong relationship between GT, the Trust and hospital employees from the outset to ensure all parties had a mutual understanding of each other’s requirements and expectations and how the project would be delivered in a live hospital environment with Covid restrictions in place. As the build was directly adjacent to live operating theatres, we programmed noisy and vibration tasks for weekends and other times when the theatres were not in use. During unscheduled emergency operations, we stopped work completely.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. Delivery of a state-of-the-art hybrid operating theatre facility in line with the University Hospitals of Derby and Burton (UHDB) NHS Foundation Trust’s quality, workmanship and programme expectations.
  2. The successful delivery of a new build project on a confined site within a live hospital building, working around the daily operation of the hospital with no interruption to patient care.
  3. The development of a strong productive working relationship between GT and the Trust as the result of a mutual learning process to understand each party’s unique needs as the project progressed.