Haverfordwest High VC School

Constructing Excellence

At the Haverfordwest High VC School Project (HHVCS) we developed and instilled an exceptionally positive health and safety culture that was fostered and embraced by all personnel involved with the project. Through positive engagement with the workforce, supply chain, visitors and client we believe we delivered a suite of initiatives that delivered tangible health, safety, and wellbeing benefits to everybody involved in the project.

Our investment in the Health Safety & Wellbeing of the workforce started with a virtual pre-enrolment, induction and site tour, to reduce the Covid risk. At the site we invested in a very high standard of accommodation and facilities for the welfare compound. This started with the provision of a touchless turnstile system to gain entry. We installed an M-Siteturnstile and opted for the smart phone integration, so all personnel gained access to the site by using an App on their phones, rather than use a touchpad because of the Covid transmission risk.

Within the canteens we employed a rota system for breaks and lunches so everybody could be spaced 2m apart on their tables which were equipped with screens. The cleaners ensured every space was cleaned before each seating and a green tick/red cross sign was displayed to communicate which tables/spaces had been cleaned ready for the next seating. Windows were left open for venting and all these Covid protocols were gratefully received by the workforce who regularly thanked us for our efforts. We also established a picnic area outside complete with landscaping features to create a relaxing and vibrant outdoor eating space which proved to be very popular, even in cold weather.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. The project delivered475,886-man hours worked over 2 years and 4 months RIDDOR free.
  2. The project was undertaken during the Covid 19 pandemic and in the early stages throughout the onerous Welsh Government Covid 19 Regulations. The works did not cease for a single day and by implementation of a highly effective Site Operating Procedure we managed to protect the workforce from Covid 19 (no outbreaks on site) and ultimately delivered the project to Pembrokeshire County Council two weeks early.
  3. We employed the services of The Healthy Employee Ltd who conducted numerous Occupational training sessions and health checks which was offered to everybody on site with a high uptake. This led to numerous GP referrals given to the many individuals who attended the surveys, hopefully this captured any health issues earlier than otherwise would have been identified.