Haverfordwest High Voluntary Controlled School & Sports Facilities

Constructing Excellence

Collaboration was ingrained in this project from inception, and this was clear from the initial tender documents and client brief. The project was tendered on a two-stage basis from the start of RIBA Stage 2 to encapsulate specialist knowledge from Morgan Sindall, design team (Atkins multi-disciplinary) and supply chain throughout each project stage. The project was inclusive and accessible to all stakeholders. Morgan Sindall also involved their supply chain from the outset to inform the design and take advantage of the latest innovation.

Despite the project being developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, full stakeholder engagement was maintained via the use of virtual and digital tools, web-based platforms which facilitated stable environments for the storage and communication of design and project information. Training and support were provided to stakeholders so that the use of technology was understood by all. This support ensured that the engagement process was not interrupted during the forthcoming lockdowns.

One of the biggest collaborative efforts on the project was that associated with the building services and IT. This was an exercise that commenced at RIBA Stage 3 and continued right through to handover and beyond. It required a team effort between the Client, PCC technical/FM/IT teams, MS, the M&E contractor and their supply chain. In the early stages these meetings were undertaken virtually but this evolved to physical meetings on site, essential to review access and maintenance installation in-situ.

Three Winning Facts:
  1. Achieving an integrated and collaborative solution by employing a remote design strategy whilst in the midst of the Covid global pandemic.
  2. Adapting and evolving design solutions to accommodate material and supply shortages during the construction phase of the project.
  3. Accommodated many different end-user changes without delay to the project that ultimately led to a facility that was fully fit for purpose and all stakeholders delighted with the outcome.