Hartlepool Headland Coastal Defences and Whitley Bay Promenade Coastal Protection Works

Constructing Excellence

Although the two schemes are separate from one another, comparisons and similarities were drawn between the needs of both the Hartlepool Headland Coastal Defence Scheme and Whitley Bay Central Promenade Coastal Protection Works. The Headland scheme came first, this project progressed through the detailed design phase in 2014. The scope of works encompassed upgrading 2.5km of coastal defences which were deemed to be life expired. These defences offered protection to over 560 properties, infrastructure and historical/cultural assets. Reconstruction of the defences with a ‘like for like’ solution was costed and determined to be unaffordable in relation to the cost/benefit ratio attributed to the project. This caused the design team to reevaluate options. Extensive detailed design was undertaken including Early Contractor Involvement and supply chain engagement. This allowed the design team to come up with an innovative solution which took advantage of the existing defences to form a foundation for the new sea wall. Following the conclusion of the pre-construction phase and contractor appointment, physical construction works commenced in 2015.

The Whitley Bay Central Promenade project trod a similar path in the fact that the initial proposals were deemed unaffordable. This lead North Tyneside Council to reevaluate their options. NTC were made aware of the Hartlepool Headland Scheme and sought advice from HBC. It was through this process that the flexibility of the solution for Hartlepool Headland was highlighted and that it could be adapted to suit the existing conditions at Whitley Bay to achieve NTC’s requirements.